Welcome to Reher Yachtservice

That captain who would like  his ship be transported from A to B, wants to know it in good hands. The ship shall arrive at the port of destination in due time and, above all, unscathed!

It takes more than only driving. A yacht – carrier has to know just as much about yachts as well as about trucks and trailers. Much better: He should be a yachtsman like his customers.

Benefit from our experience.

Our services:

  • Yachttransports

  • Yachtservice

  • Yachtcharter

  • Customs Handling

  • Delivery / Instruction of new ships

  • Rigg-Service

  • Procurement of anchorages

  • Yachtequipment and business

  • Trailerleasing

  • Boat Shrinkwrapping

Empty Transport Runs

Overview of Empty Runs